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WATER FOR LIFE: Nandansons Collaborates with The Water Project

The Nandanson’s Charitable Foundation (NCF) is pleased to announce its contributions to a recently completed water project in Kenya. The project, which benefits more than 200 people, was created to aid the Nyira Village, located in Western Kenya. The village residents were struggling because of contamination to Malezi Spring, the village’s main water source.

With NCF funding, The Water Project partnered with the Western Water and Sanitation Forum to make this clean water effort a reality, working to establish a clean spring water source as well as five sanitation platforms. Additionally, training was implemented to teach sanitation best practices.

This training established a committee responsible for managing the spring and ensuring proper regular maintenance in the future.  For a community that has suffered water-borne illnesses for years, this spring represents hope, health and dignity as they can now begin to use their hard-earned income toward development instead of medication. With the sharing of this training to nearby locations as well as future generations, the bearing of the importance of this project is hard to truly measure.

“We’re overjoyed with the results of this project and happy that our funds could make an impact on this community. Of course, there is still work to be done,” commented Ajay Gupta, CEO and CFO of Nandansons.

For the 200+ people who depend on Malezi Spring daily, NCF has helped to change this dirty pit to this clean source of safe water:


Many communities across the continent of Africa struggle to find clean water sources, which creates a domino effect causing sanitation problems and widespread illness. In Kenya alone, 17 million people don’t have access to safe water and 32 million don’t have access to adequate sanitation, according to Water Aid. Of the 47 million people who reside in Kenya, 70% live without a toilet.

“It’s hard to imagine the conditions the Kenyans are living with,” said Ankur Gupta, President of Nandansons.  “My hope is that our foundation will not only help the Kenyan community, but inspire others to join the cause.”

This isn’t the first project NCF has funded with The Water Project. To learn more about Nandansons’ and The Water Project’s previous collaborations in Sierra Leone and western Kenya, click here.

“It’s a reason for celebration when generous acts like Nandansons’ contribution cause such joy and bring such change to communities like Nyira,” said Tess Crick, Director of Development at The Water Project.

Click here to give to The Water Project. Donations can be accepted on a one-time or monthly basis.

The Malezi Spring Community members wanted to express their thanks
The Malezi Spring Community members wanted to express their thanks