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The Top 8 Smells of Summer

Our Favorite Garden-Influenced Summer Scents

A Chinese proverb states, “Life begins the day you start a garden.”

Gardens are full of life – from flower beds to vegetable plants and fruit trees. In the midst of summer, many people can be found tending to their garden and bringing in freshly picked goodies.

If you missed the opportunity to garden this spring and summer, there are still ways to enjoy the seasonal scents.  Bring a spritz of the garden to your beauty routine with these 8 natural fragrances:

Floral Scents

  • Pretty Petals by Ellen Tracy
    In the world of fragrance, there are many floral perfumes to choose from. If you’re looking for a new addition to your floral perfume collection, give Pretty Petals a try. With notes of rose and jasmine, it’s certainly a fragrance that will bring the outside in.
  • The Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose
    A classic garden aroma, The Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose perfume will give you the feeling of strolling through a fresh rose garden. Other elements of nature are included in this fresh scent’s notes including tuberose, lily, sandalwood, rosewood and cedar to give this fragrance a well-rounded garden scent.

Fruity Scents

  • Philosophy Orange Pineapple Smoothie Shower Gel
    If you’re looking for a light scent this summer, look no further than Philosophy Bath & Body products. The Orange Pineapple Smoothie Shower Gel is a luxurious combination of skin moisturizing formula with tropical citrus scents. This product can replace a light eau de toilette spray any day of the week.
  • Michael Kors Sporty Citrus
    The smell of citrus combined with a sport formula helps you beat the heat and still smell great. This particular Michael Kors product features beauty products as well. Try out this set which includes a tester-sized fragrance and lip balm. Summer never smelled so good!

Earthy Scents

  • Demeter Sunshine
    You can feel the sun’s warmth – but can you smell it? Demeter has taken the challenge of nailing down the scent of sunshine. The company describes the fragrance as akin to your favorite cotton t-shirt being left in the sun. If floral or fruity scents are too overwhelming for your palette, this scent may be a new twist to try.
  • Demeter Dirt
    A departure from the norm in the fragrance world, Demeter once again delivers. This dirt scent isn’t hard to describe – its primary note is that of fresh soil. If the “depths of the garden” aroma appeals to you, then Demeter Dirt may be just the garden scent you’re missing.

Tree Scents

  • Demeter Giant Sequoia
    The garden often brings to mind thoughts of fresh veggies and fruits, but trees shouldn’t be overlooked. The smell of a Sequoia is the source of this Demeter perfume. If you’re a hiker at heart, Demeter Giant Sequoia may be the fragrance you’ve been missing.
  • Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Cherry Blossom
    Elizabeth Arden’s classic Green Tea Cherry Blossom perfume is the perfect duo of herbal and floral aromas. The cherry blossom tree is delicate in appearance, but holds a beautifully decadent smell. If you’re looking for a fresh garden scent this season, this particular option won’t disappoint.

Hopefully this list piqued your interest in gardening. Or at least smelling like one. Nature is a full-body experience and these fragrances should completely fulfill your scent-sations.

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