Securing Wholesale Designer Perfumes and Fragrances as a Small Business

For small businesses, selecting a reliable wholesaler to purchase bulk product from is a top priority. Expensive designer perfumes and fragrances can cripple any small company’s budget, especially when buying from particularly expensive wholesale retailers. In addition to considering the price point of your wholesale products, there are other factors to weigh when choosing a wholesale retailer to purchase your inventory from, such as shipping, the products being offered and customer service.

Price Is Important

Most small businesses will consider price as the most important factor when selecting a wholesale provider for costly products like perfumes, colognes and fragrances. There are a variety of factors that influence a wholesale product provider’s prices dramatically including geographical location, relationship with manufacturers and currency exchange rates, if buying internationally.

Geographic location can increase the purchase price on a high volume of product due to increased shipping or production costs; obviously, it’s cheaper to ship product across the nation as opposed to halfway around the world.

Production costs can also be factored directly into a small businesses price when purchasing bulk product.

If a manufacturer’s production costs are increasing, it’s a sure bet that those rising costs will trickle down to wholesale retailers, and in effect, businesses that purchase high volumes of product.

If a wholesale retailer has forged a successful relationship with a manufacturer, prices may be lower. A product’s price is typically reflective of the relationship that wholesaler has with their manufacturer.

Always Research Shipping

Shipping can be a massive strain on any small businesses’ wallet, especially when buying internationally. Even if the price is negotiable, timing on a large product shipment can mean the difference between success and failure for a particularly busy holiday season; there’s no money to be made if there isn’t any product on the shelves.

It’s up to a small business to research the reliability of shipping for large volumes of product. Particularly large orders can take upwards of one month, especially if they have to pass through customs or similar processes to make it to a storefront or local warehouse. It’s also important to consider a wholesaler’s ability to provide reliable customer service if there’s a problem with shipping or any other angle of an order.

Customer Service Is Critical

While price and shipping may be the first factors a small business addresses, customer service may be the most important, and often overlooked, factor to consider when purchasing product from a wholesaler. When assessing the dependability of a wholesale retailer’s customer service, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Hours
    While hours may seem like a trite factor when assessing customer service, it can be one of the most challenging aspects to overcome. If not taken into account before purchasing product, especially if your product will be delivered from or shipped overseas, it can be a huge hindrance.Does the customer service department operate on local hours only or do they cater to international customers’ time zones as well? It’s a serious drain on time and energy if a small business needs to schedule odd hours to communicate about a problem with a time sensitive shipment.
  • Contact Methods
    A customer service department’s contact methods are an extremely important factor to consider as well; does the retailer have a help desk, phone number or online contact page? What are the average response or wait times when consulting the various methods of contact?
  • Ease of Contact
    The ease of contacting customer service for a retailer should also be considered; are you talking to a human representative or are you being assisted by an automated system? Do calls need to be scheduled and is there a significant delay when expecting a response? Most of these contact details are available on a wholesaler’s website; if that information is absent however, it should be taken as a serious red flag.
  • Refund Policy and Fine Print
    Consider that the worst has happened: you’ve received your shipment and it’s wrong or damaged, or your shipment failed to show up on time or at all. Expectantly, you’re looking for a refund or replacement. Is there a refund policy for the type and volume of products you’ve purchased? Does the fine print or refund policy feature any questionable language or unclear factors that would make resolution of problems with a product or shipping difficult?

If the fine print isn’t immediately available somewhere on the website, ask them for it; if they seem hesitant or don’t answer, your business should immediately be taken elsewhere.

In Conclusion

There are a multitude of important factors to consider when ordering high-end products, like perfume and fragrances, from a wholesaler. Affordable price, reliable shipping and responsive customer service are all important to a successful buying experience with your retail wholesaler.

If any red flags are raised during the research or purchasing process, they should not be taken lightly; what may seem like a slight oversight or oddity when selecting a wholesale source or placing your order can quickly evolve into financial or logistical nightmares down the road. Be sure to thoroughly research the multiple faces of a wholesale organization before agreeing to purchase from them, doubly if your products need to be shipped internationally or in anticipation of heavy customer traffic.

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