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Nandansons’ Contributions Help 83 Children in Gujarat Learn English

The Nandansons Charitable Foundation (NCF) is always seeking opportunities to give back to local, national and international causes. Its latest initiative in support of Uplift Humanity’s Academic Program was particularly near and dear to the Company’s heart as it centered on educating and empowering children in Gujarat, India’s westernmost state.

Uplift Humanity’s Academic Program is a daily initiative where students are provided English speaking skills from local teachers. The program aims to give students a competitive edge and prepare them for employment once released, and is led by a passionate group of individuals who are developing innovative solutions to one of the world’s greatest problems: education inequality.

NCF’s donation to the program enabled 83 children in Gujarat to learn English over a five month period. The contribution paid the salaries of two local teachers who were team-trained to implement the program’s curriculum. While not fluent yet, the children can now hold basic conversations in English.

“We are so pleased to have partnered with Uplift Humanity in support of this wonderful cause for children in Gujarat,” said Ankur Gupta, President of Nandansons. “The outcome of our contribution which impacted the lives of 83 children is a really beautiful thing and we are so thankful for organizations like Uplift Humanity that center on supporting the critical needs of others.”

Photos were taken over the past five months while the children were enrolled in the program.


Founder and CEO of Uplift Humanity, Anish Patel commented, “Thank you so much for your donation. The children of Uplift Humanity truly appreciate your generous contribution.”

The Nandansons Charitable Foundation was formed by Ajay Gupta and Nutan Gupta in 2010 as a way to support and give back to the community. The Nandansons Charitable Foundation is a tax-exempt private foundation structured as a charitable trust, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) entity.

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