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Nandansons Charitable Foundation Enters 7th Year

Seven years ago, Nandansons, a leader in the wholesale distribution of brand-name, prestige fragrances, created the Nandansons Charitable Foundation*  to support its executive staff’s collective decision to give back to local and national causes and formalize their philanthropic initiatives.

The Foundation also serves as a reminder to the Company’s employees to behave ethically, remain mindful in their words and actions, and to prioritize the importance of giving back to others.

“Nandansons is more than business – we’re a family. We’re happy that we can make these contributions and help make a difference in the communities we serve, especially in the great state of New Jersey,” said Ajay Gupta, CEO & CFO of Nandansons.

Nandansons supports more than 50 charities, including the following organizations:

  • American Red Cross
  • Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • Direct Relief International
  • Hindu Temple Society of North America
  • Jude Children’s Research Hospital

For the full list of charities, click here.

At the Foundation’s inception, Nandansons established guiding principles to keep company executives purposeful and steadfast in their mission of helping others.

The guidelines are based on the basic tenets of mutual respect, a humanitarian focus and a commitment to sustainability for the benefit of future generations, among others.

“We’re holding ourselves accountable, and that includes recognizing a responsibility to helping others who need it and our younger counterparts,” Ajay Gupta said.

Employees share in the Company’s philanthropic passion as well as welcome feedback from customers and community members concerning the charity.

“We’re always looking for new opportunities to support causes that are important to our customers and local community,” said Ankur Gupta, President of Nandansons. “Personally, I enjoy working with charity representatives – they’re so gracious. It’s a really rewarding experience.”

In addition to donating regular gifts to the aforementioned organizations, Nandansons gives additional funds in times of severe crisis.

Following the massive earthquake in Nepal in May 2015, Nandansons gifted $50,000 to response teams on the ground in Nepal.

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The past seven years are only the beginning for the Nandansons Charitable Foundation. As an organization, it hopes to broaden its scope to include more people in need.

Although Nandansons aims to expand their support, they’d like to go beyond just raising donation funds. Going forward, the staff at Nandansons hopes to attend and host more charitable events.

Stay tuned on the blog for calendar updates and announcements concerning the Foundation.

To inquire about philanthropic partnership opportunities with Nandansons, visit the Social Responsibility page today.

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*The Nandansons Charitable Foundation is a tax-exempt, private foundation and charitable trust and registered 501(c)(3) entity.