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Your Complete Mother’s Day Guide to Fragrance

Spring is here which means flowers are budding, summers’ on the way and Mother’s Day is around the corner!  But, before we talk about the best Mother’s Day gifts, let’s pause for a quick history lesson.

History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day began with a woman named Anna Jarvis in the early 1900’s. She was distraught after her mother passed away and a Philadelphia businessman, John Wanamaker, financially backed a celebration on Jarvis’s behalf. The celebration for mothers took place in a West Virginia church in May[1].

After the initial celebration, Jarvis committed herself to achieving national holiday status for Mother’s Day. Several years of campaigning proved successful. President Woodrow Wilson signed off on a measure that established Mother’s Day as the second Sunday in May in 1914.

Mother’s Day Today

Since 1914, the Mother’s Day tradition has grown immensely. Children and husbands buy gifts, many restaurants offer special menus or events and flower shops are busy with special deliveries.

The average individual in the United States spends an estimated $172 on Mother’s Day gifts. Check out the infographic to see where people are shopping. The most popular venue? The traditional department store at 33%.

33 | Fundivo
Provided by: Fundivo

Mother’s Day Around the Globe

France chose the last Sunday in May for their celebration, called the “Day of Mothers.” The government used to practice a tradition of awarding a medal to women of large families after World War I. The French government considered these women heroes for helping rebuild the population after the treacherous war, according to The modern-day French opt for a flower-shaped cake.

In the United Kingdom, Brits, Scots and the Welsh observe their version of Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This religious version is called “Mothering Sunday.” Children often give their mothers a flower, while baking is common as well.

Traditions vary from country to country, but the sentiment is the same – we all want to show mothers how important they are!

Best Gifts for Your Mom

Not sure which gift is the right fit? Don’t quibble over which size sweater to get or stress over which jewelry she would prefer. Fragrances are a one size fits all type of gift. 

Here are the best fragrance options this Mother’s Day:

Coco Mademoiselle – Listed as one of’s “Most Popular Fragrances of 2017,” this fragrance is a surefire hit for all the trendy moms out there.

Nandansons Coco Mademoisellle Women's Fragrance

Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift Set – Marc Jacobs Daisy is a classic, bestselling springtime scent. Treat your mother or wife to the gift set version. The body lotion is a great way to get that extra pop of freshness!

Nandansons Marc Jacobs Daisy gift set

Burberry Brit Sheer – This perfume is the best choice for mothers looking to try something new. If your mom is stuck in a fragrance rut, try out this light and fun Nandansons new arrival.

Burberry Brit Sheer Nandansons perfume

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker Gift Set – This fragrance is just that – a “lovely” option. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is made up of citrus notes, lavender and amber, creating a discrete yet pleasant aroma.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Nandansons scent

We hope this guide was helpful to your Mother’s Day gift search. Stay tuned for our blog next month featuring – you guessed it – the dads!